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The developers behind the GDPR Handbook

The GDPR handbook has been developed under the SMOOTH-project.

The consortium of the SMOOTH-project is made up of technology partners, data protection authorities, innovation and research institutions, associations representing European SME’s and a standardization body organisation.

In total, it consists of 12 organisations, coming from 5 different EU countries (Spain, Belgium, Poland, Latvia and France) and the United Kingdom, which have joint effort and expertise to create tools to help small companies to adopt the GDPR.

The aim of the SMOOTH project is twofold:

  1. To create awareness regarding the importance of being compliant with the GDPR, as many micro-enterprises may disregard their obligations in this respect.

  2. To assist micro-enterprises in effectively adopting the GDPR.


A SMOOTH cloud platform is set up and it uses machine learning, text and data mining, and advance online auditing methods to automatically generate a bespoke GDPR compliance report for the most critical aspects for micro-enterprises.

Likewise, SMOOTH provides useful materials for solving those identified GDPR aspects that are not properly covered. All this will positively contribute to reinforcing citizens’ rights, while avoiding potential fines for the micro-enterprises.

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